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Division Eligibility & Rules

  • Military categories (light and heavy) are open to Active Duty Military, Reserves, National Guard, and Retirees.
  • All individuals in a military category must comply with AR 670-1 (Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia) or equivalent for branch of service.
  • Participants will wear BDUs, ACUs or their service equivalent uniform. Non-standard T-shirts may be worn in place of the regulation T-shirts.
  • Participants must be in full uniform during the opening ceremony and at the start of the march. Only uniform tops and headgear may be removed along the route as desired.
  • Boots may not be exchanged for any other footgear along the route. Anyone caught violating this rule will be disqualified. Footwear is limited to military service recognized boots.  Hi-Tech style boots may be worn if authorized by individual service regulations or commander.
  • Teams representing organizations such as police, fire or EMTs an invited to wear uniforms.
  • Military PT uniforms are not authorized when competing in a Active Duty Military category.
  • Non-military categories are open to anyone, whether you are military or civilian. If you are in the military, but wish to enter a non-military category you are allowed to do so.