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  • Can I leave a bag at the Start/Finish Line?
    We love that you are prepared and want to bring extra clothes and supplies for after the event. Unfortunately there is not a location where items can be left at the start/finish line. Any items that are left unattended at the start/finish line are subject to search and removal by our public safety partners. We ask that you PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BAGS UNATTENDED AT THE START/FINISH LINE
  • When is Tough Ruck 2024?
    The mission will take place April 14 2024.
  • How long do I have to complete the Tough Ruck?
    Timing for the 2023 Tough Ruck officially ends after 9 hours.
  • I want to volunteer at the 2024 Tough Ruck, How do I sign up as a volunteer?
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering, Volunteer opportunities can be found here
  • How much is the registration fee for Tough Ruck?
    The registration fee for Tough Ruck is $125. Each participant must also meet the Minimum fundraising amount of $450. Late Registration (After April 1st) - The late registration fee of $575 which covers both your registration fee as well as your $450 minimum fundraising will apply for any Rucker registering after April 1st. (If registration is still available)
  • Does the registration fee count towards the fundraising minimum?
    No, The standard registration fee does not count towards the minimum fundraising amount.
  • Can I earn additional swag if I fundraise above the Minimum amount for my selected registration category?
    Yes! Any Rucker who fundraises $950 or more before the deadline will earn the official Tough Ruck sweatshirt and any Rucker who fundraises $1500 or more will earn both the Tough Ruck sweatshirt and the Official Boston Marathon / Tough Ruck Jacket. Guaranteed swag can be earned up until April 1st, 2024. Swag earned prior to March 15th, 2024 will be distributed at bib pick-up. Swag earned between March 15th and April 1st, 2024 will be mailed after the marathon. We appreciate your support of the mission! Ruckers who continue to fundraise through the marathon day step-off (0720 on April 14, 2024) may earned additional swag if available. Swag would be mailed post race at a date TBD. Sizes are not guaranteed and a shipping fee may apply.
  • Can I change my weight division and/or category of dress?
    Yes, If you decide to change your weight division and/or category of dress you can submit your change by completing the or you can declare all changes at the weight station on the morning of the Ruck.
  • Want your team or company represented on the official 2024 Tough Ruck Boston race shirt?
    Show your companies support of our military and first responders or have your team represented on this year’s race shirt! With a $250 donation your company/non-profit/team/department logo will be carried by the elite 1000 of Tough Ruck Boston. Simply visit to become a 2024 Tough Ruck T-shirt sponsor by March 1st. Space is limited, so purchase your spot today!
  • What is the fundraising deadline for Tough Ruck 2024?
    Thank you for joining the mission The deadline to meet your minimum fundraising commitment is April 10, 2024 at 11:59EST. Depending on the event level you registered for your minimum may be $450, $950, or $1500. If you haven't reached your fundraising commitment by April 11th any remaining balance would be automatically charged by RunSignUp to your credit card you provided at registration.
  • Is there a virtual option?
    We are excited to host Tough Ruck Boston 2024 in person! Ruckers will have a chance to be back on the course and earn the official Boston Marathon Medal. Are you unable to attend in person? While we will not have a virtual Tough Ruck Boston, be sure to register for our Tough Ruck 9/11 Half Marathon and Tough Ruck Memorial Day March.
  • Where can I park on event day?
    Parking at the Fenn School (the Start and Finish Line) is restricted to VIP's & invited guests, pre-registered Families of the Fallen, and key event & public safety staff on race day. Ruckers and Spectators must park at the offsite parking lot** and take the free shuttle. Parking on Monument St or Red Coat Lane is strictly prohibited by the Town of Concord. Vehicles illegally parked as subject to ticket and tow by the Town of Concord. ** The location of the off site parking lot will be announced in the Pre-Race briefing email to all participants as well as updated on this page once the location is confirmed. All Ruckers and spectators wishing to visit the Finish Line should park in the designated lot and travel to the Start/Finish line via the provided free shuttle running continuously from 5am to 6pm. Ruckers are encouraged to arrive at the designated parking lot by 6am to allow sufficient time to travel to the Start line, pick up your bib and swag, and pass through the mandatory security, weight, and dress check prior to the 7am Pre-Race ceremonies and safety briefing.
  • When is Bib Pick-Up?
    Bib Pick-up will be available on the morning of the Ruck between 0500 and 0700 adjacent to the Starting Line. Please park at the approved parking lot and the complimentary shuttle will bring you to the Bib Pick-Up location.
  • Will Hydration and Fuel be available on the course?
    Tough Ruckers should be self-contained and bring the fuel and the hydration needed for the course. Remember to factor your water and fuel consumption in throughout the course and how it might impact your overall minimum weight requirements. Additional, limited Hydration and Fuel will be available at the official Hydration and Medical stops along the course. These locations will be available along the course (Please see the course map for locations) and will be staffed by volunteers and medical staff. All official stops will also have portable toilets available.
  • Who can register for the Tough Ruck?
    Registration is open to Civilians, Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders ages 18 and older.
  • Can I cancel? Can I get a refund? Can I Defer?
    Once registered, every Rucker is committing to both the cause and fulfilling their fundraising even if they can’t for any reason take part in the event itself. We emphasize this to Ruckers throughout the registration process and in the included agreement waiver so there are not any surprises. Like other major marathon events, including The Boston Marathon, once you register Tough Ruck is NOT able to allow for any cancellations, bib transfers or any changes to your registration, including fulfilling the fundraising commitment you made. After the fundraising deadline any amount that isn’t fundraised will be charged to your account. If you are registering with a team that covers your registration fee, please check with them before you register as we are unable to refund the fee or the bib to the team once you register.
  • I want to join the mission! What is the fundraising minimum?
    Each Tough Ruck commits to fundraising at least $450. The funds you commit to raise will provide much needed support for military families and families of Fallen Heroes. You without exaggeration will be providing a lifetime to countless others. Thank you for choosing this mission.
  • Does my registration fee count towards the fundraising minimum?
    Like with other major events, your registration fees do not count towards your minimum fundraising commitment.
  • I was not able to meet my fundraising minimum by the deadline, what happens now?
    All Tough Ruckers who do not meet their fundraising minimum by the deadline will have their credit card on file charged by Run Sign Up. Any Tough Rucker whose credit card on file could not be successfully charged for the remaining balance of their fundraising commitment will not be eligible to participate in the event and will not be allowed to check in or participate on race day.
  • Can I keep fundraising after the deadline?
    Yes. Your personal fundraising page will be live and accepting donations.
  • What divisions is Tough Ruck 26.2 divided into?
    Tough Ruck features 2 weight divisions and 3 categories of dress. · The 2 weight divisions are Light weight (15+ Lbs.) and Heavy Weight (35+ Lbs.) · The 3 categories of dress are Uniformed Military, Uniformed First Responder, and Civilian.
  • Can I use the Tough Ruck Logo for fundraising? Can I/my team have shirts, hats, or other swag made with the Tough Ruck Logo?
    Tough Ruck is trademarked. Requests to use the Tough Ruck name and/or Logo must be received in writing at and you must receive written approval prior to the use of our name and/or logo for any fundraiser and/or on any marketing materials including t-shirts, coins, hats, etc. Any use of the Tough Ruck Logo or Name without written approval prior to use may be considered a trade mark violation.
  • Are plate carriers allowed as an alternative to a Ruck?
    Unfortunately, Plate carriers are not approved as an alternative for your ruck. All participants must wear a ruck/backpack with the minimum weight for your selected category throughout the duration of the event. Carrying weight plates within your ruck is acceptable to meet your minimum weight.
  • How old do you have to be to participate in the Tough Ruck?
    Due to the duration and intense physical challenge, you must be at least 18 years old to take part in the 26.2-mile Tough Ruck. Each Rucker will need to provide date of birth on your registration form. All registered Ruckers will be required to present valid government issued identification upon check in on race day. Any Rucker found providing false information during registration or presenting fraudulent identification upon check in, will be disqualified and unable to participate in any Tough Ruck event in the future.
  • Is there a Tax ID for donations?
    Military Friends Foundation is the official charity of Tough Ruck. The non-profit ID is 37-1462599. Military Friends Foundation is the d/b/a for Friends of the National Guard and Reserve Families, Inc.
  • I have a donation in the form of a check, can this be added to my online fundraising?
    Yes. Checks must include the name of the Rucker on the check in order to be credited to your fundraiser. Please make checks payable to: Military Friends Foundation. Checks may take up to 3 weeks from when they are received to be credited to your account. ​ Checks should be mailed to: Tough Ruck 212 Humphrey Street Swampscott, MA 01907
  • My employer offers a Matching Gift program, Can I submit my donation for a Matching Gift?
    Yes, Donations to Tough Ruck can be submitted for a Corporate Matching Gift. Matching gift requests can be sent to Please note: We are unable to credit any funds until they are received, many Corporate Matching programs only send matching donations once every quarter. Matching donations will not be counted towards the fundraising minimum if they are not received by the deadline.
  • I set up a fundraiser through another site, does that count towards my fundraising goal?
    We are only able to track and count fundraising done through the Tough Ruck official fundraising site. If you have raised funds elsewhere you will need to make a donation to your page yourself to transfer these funds in order for them to appear on your official Tough Ruck fundraising page. In the event the other fundraiser will send the funds directly to Military Friends Foundation they will not be able to be credited to your account until after the funds have been received, please see the above question about check donations for more info about requirements for mailing checks.
  • Can I use the Tough Ruck bib to fundraise for other non-profits?
    No. We appreciate your involvement and support of many tremendous causes. That being said, Tough Ruck is the signature fundraising event for Military Friends Foundation each year and provides critical resources for military families. We do not allow any of the limited 1000 Tough Ruck bibs to be used to fundraise for any other event or non-profit.
  • Am I able to transfer my bib?
    No, bibs are not transferable for Tough Ruck. You will need a government issued photo ID to pick-up your bib (US State Driver's license, US State Identification Card, Military ID, Passport). Any Rucker found using a fake/false ID or transferring a bib will be disqualified and unable to participate in the event in the future.
  • I want to register again but didn't meet my fundraising commitment in the past?
    We appreciate your continued interest. If for some reason you didn't meet your fundraising commitment in the past and we weren't able to automatically bill the credit card you left on file we reached out to you to make a donation to your page. We are limited to 1000 Tough Ruck bibs and we count on your commitment to our military families. We reserve the right to reject registration if you have not been able to meet your fundraising commitment in the past. We encourage you to contact us before registering.
  • Can I bring my Dog to the Tough Ruck?
    Ruckers - Due to the physical nature of the Tough Ruck and for the safety of all participants, Dogs are not permitted to participate in the Tough Ruck. Participants who wish to complete the Tough Ruck with a Trained Service Animal may do so in accordance with ADA requirements, Tough Ruck askes that any participant who wishes to complete the Ruck with a service animal please notify us by email to prior to the event. Spectators - Dogs or pets of any kind are welcome to come cheer on the Ruckers along the course. Please be respectful of all local ordinances including leash laws when choosing where to cheer on your loved ones, and please keep all pets to the side of the course to allow other participants to pass. Spectators are reminded that The Fenn School property (the start and finish line) does not allow animals on the property at any time with the exception for Trained Service Animals in accordance with ADA requirements.
  • Is Tough Ruck a registered Non Profit?
    Military Friends Foundation is the official charity of Tough Ruck Nation. The non-profit ID for Military Friends Foundation is 37-1462599. Military Friends Foundation is the d/b/a for Friends of the National Guard and Reserve Families, Inc.
  • Does my team's fundraising count towards my personal fundraising minimum?
    You are able to join a team however the fundraising commitment is each individual Rucker's responsibility, Team funds cannot be pooled or re-distributed amongst the team once they have been donated.
  • Can my family and friends join me on the course?
    Family members and Friends are welcome to cheer you on from along the course or meet you at the finish line. All spectators joining along the 26.2 miles are asked to be respectful of all participants and please stay to the side of the course to allow other participants to pass. Spectators wishing to cheer on participants at the Finish Line are welcomed and encouraged, please note that only registered participants will be allowed within the fenced off section of the finish line to allow our professional photographers capture every Rucker crossing the finish line and receiving the Boston Marathon Medal unimpeded and to allow for our team to record finishing ruck weight. Additionally, we wish to remind anyone visiting the finish line that parking at the Fenn School is extremely limited and will be restricted to VIP's & invited guests, pre-registered Families of the Fallen, and key event staff, A free shuttle will run continuously from the offsite parking lot to the Finish Line area for Spectators and Ruckers. Please see "Where can I park on event day?" for additional information.
  • Can I participate with my child?
    Unfortunately, Tough Ruck cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 to participate, this includes children in strollers, carrier backpacks or similar. Children are welcome to come with other family members and cheer on their loved ones from along the course as well as attend the post-race activities at the finish line.
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