Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton takes part in the Tough Ruck 9/11 Half Marathon.

EDDINGTON, Maine (WABI) - Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton is now a part of Tough Ruck Nation.

It’s a group of military and first responders who run or walk with upwards of 40 pounds of extra weight on their backs. They do this to honor the memory of a fallen service member or first responder.

Sheriff Morton finished a half marathon through Eddington Friday. He arrived to a welcome party at Eddington Elementary School.

The timing of this ruck was no coincidence. He wanted to do it around the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to honor those who gave their lives.

”The emotions that I felt a couple of times, you know, just doing this, just thinking or listening to your feet hit the tar. The rain this morning or folks waving when you went by. Trying to reflect on those who I’ve worked with or those that I know that are currently serving,” said Morton.

After arriving at the school, students began parading behind him for a few laps around the school just so Morton could finish the final 0.2 miles.

Watch the video interview here:

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