Warrior Community Events

Tough Ruck Warehouse Sale 10/16-10/17 

Free Housewares for Military and First Responders | Camp Curtis Guild, Reading, MA

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I showed my military or first responder ID to be verified by Tough Ruck.

I understand the items I am receiving today are for my military or first responder family only. I cannot regift these items to others. I agree to follow the rules surrounding these donation 1) Donations I receive may not be sold in any capacity for any reason 2) Donations may not be returned to the store they were donated from 3) Donations are for personal use only. I understand any violation of these rules may endanger the future continuation of this program for our entire community and will result in me not being able to participate in future warehouse sales.

I understand that Tough Ruck events including Warehouse Sales are open to Tough Ruck members free of charge. I am registering today as a member of the Tough Ruck community.