Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston



October 1st thru October 10th 2021​



Guidelines to Earn Your Official Boston Marathon Medal:

  • All Ruckers must be officially registered for the Virtual Tough Ruck and complete their fundraising minimum.  Your must be at least 18 years old on race day to participate.

  • The 26.2 mile distance must be completed in one time period.

  • All Ruckers must complete a 26.2 mile course in one continuous ruck.  We do anticipate that Ruckers will stop to hydrate, fuel, rest, change socks etc.  We encourage Ruckers to set a goal to complete the course within 10 hours.  If time is above 10 hours it may not appear in the Tough Ruck official results however you can still earn your medal. Keep rucking on!

  • All Ruckers must wear a ruck sack on their backs weighing a minimum of 15 pounds throughout the enter distance. Weighted vests cannot be used a substitute for a ruck.

Medal Distribution:

Tough Ruck 2021  Medal Distribution info coming soon. We will update this page as information is finalized. Please continue to check back for more updates. 

Bib Pick-Up:

Tough Ruck 2021 Bib Pick-Up info coming soon. We will update this page as information is finalized. Please continue to check back for more updates. 

Rucker Meet-Up platform:

Coming Soon for Tough Ruck 2021 - Registered Ruckers will have exclusive access to the Tough Rucker "Meet-Up" platform which will provide an opportunity to connect directly with others about in person course and team opportunities. To access the "Meet-Up" platform, create an account on our website and within 3-5 days of registering for the Ruck you will be granted access to the all new "Meet-Up" platform.


How do I enter the 2021 Tough Ruck?

Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston General Registration Opens Tuesday, April 27th at 12PM. The registration link can be found at the top of this page. 

Who can register for the Tough Ruck?

Registration is open to Civilians, Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders ages 18 and older. 

Will the 2021 Tough Ruck be in person?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the local communities we work with and the National Park Service are not offering event permitting at this time.  We hope that our meet-up platform will allow a lot of Ruckers to connect in person. We are planning for an in person bib pick-up option and an in-person event for April 2022.  #ruckon 

Do I have to fundraise to participate in Tough Ruck?

Yes.  Each person is individually responsible for their fundraising commitment based on the registration option chosen. You are able to join a team however the fundraising commitment is each individual Rucker's responsibility. The funds you commit to raise will provide much needed support for military families and families of Fallen Heroes. You without exaggeration will be providing a lifetime to countless others. Thank you for choosing this mission.

What divisions is Tough Ruck 26.2 divided into?

Tough Ruck features 2 weight divisions and 3 categories of dress.

  • The 2 weight divisions are Light weight (15+ Lbs.) and Heavy Weight (35+ Lbs.) 

  • The 3 categories of dress are Uniformed Military, Uniformed First Responder, and Civilian. 

How old do you have to be to participate in the Tough Ruck?

Due to the duration and intense physical challenge, you must be at least 18 years old to take part in the 26.2 mile Tough Ruck.  Each Rucker will need to provide date of birth on your registration form.  Any Rucker found providing false information during registration, including date of birth will be disqualified and unable to participate in any Tough Ruck event in the future.

Is there an opportunity to earn additional items through fundraising?

Tough Ruck 2021  fundraising info coming soon. We will update this page as information is finalized. Please continue to check back for more updates. 

What is the fundraising deadline for Tough Ruck 2021?

The fundraising deadline for the 2021 Tough Ruck is August 25th 2021.

Can I complete the 26.2 miles over multiple days?

No. Participants are required to complete the 26.2 marathon distance continuously, on the same day.

Can I cancel? Can I get a refund?

We're very sorry to hear that!  However, like other major marathon events, including The Boston Marathon, once you register Tough Ruck is NOT able to allow for any cancellations, bib transfers or any changes to your registration, including fulfilling the fundraising commitment you made. 


If you are registering with a team that covers your registration fee, please check with them before you register as we are unable to refund the fee or the bib to the team once you register.

Is there a Tax ID for donations?

Military Friends Foundation is the official charity of Tough Ruck.  The non-profit ID is 37-1462599. Military Friends Foundation is the d/b/a for Friends of the National Guard and Reserve Families, Inc.  

I have a donation in the form of a check, Can this be added to my online fundraising?

Yes. Checks must include the name of the Rucker on the check in order to be credited to your fundraiser. Please make checks payable to: Military Friends Foundation. Checks may take up to 3 weeks from when they are received to be credited to your account.  All checks must be received no later than August 4th 2021 in order to be credited onto your fundraising total before the deadline. We are unable to credit any funds until they are received, this includes any corporate donation matching.  Matching donations will not be counted towards the fundraising minimum if they are not received by the deadline.

I set up a fundraiser through another site, does that count towards my fundraising goal?

We are only able to track and count fundraising done through the Tough Ruck official fundraising site. If you have raised funds elsewhere you will need to make a donation to your page yourself to transfer these funds in order for them to appear on your official Tough Ruck fundraising page. In the event the other fundraiser will send the funds directly to Military Friends Foundation they will not be able to be credited to your account until after the funds have been received, please see the above question about check donations for more info about requirements for mailing checks.

Can I use the Tough Ruck Logo for fundraising? Can I/my team have shirts, hats, or other swag made with the Tough Ruck Logo? 

Tough Ruck is trademarked. Requests to use the Tough Ruck name and/or Logo must be received in writing at and you must receive written approval prior to the use of our name and/or logo for any fundraiser and/or on any marketing materials including t-shirts, coins, hats, etc. Any use of the Tough Ruck Logo or Name without written approval prior to use may be considered a trade mark violation. 

Can I use the Tough Ruck bib to fundraise for other non-profits?

No.  We appreciate your involvement and support of many tremendous causes.  That being said, Tough Ruck is the signature fundraising event for Military Friends Foundation each year and provides critical resources for military families.  We do not allow any of the limited 1000 Tough Ruck bibs to be used to fundraise for any other event or non-profit.

Am I able to transfer my bib?

No, bibs are not transferable for Tough Ruck.  You will need a government issued photo ID to pick-up your bib (e.g. license, military ID).  Any Rucker found using a fake/false ID or transferring a bib will be disqualified and unable to participate in the event in the future.

I want to register again but didn't meet my fundraising commitment in the past?

We appreciate your continued interest.  If for some reason you didn't meet your fundraising commitment in the past and we weren't able to automatically bill the credit card you left on file we reached out to you to make a donation to your page.  We are limited to 1000 Tough Ruck bibs and we count on your commitment to our military families.  We reserve the right to reject registration if you have not been able to meet your fundraising commitment in the past.  We encourage you to contact us before registering.