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Michael John
Aug 31, 2021
In South Shore & Cape Cod
Our team is Rucking for the newly founded nonprofit organization Hellfish Haven Corp. We are looking to hit the center of Foxborough GWOT memorial as our 13.1 half way/turn around point from which we will either return the same route back to North Attleboro or we can adjust fire and visit Gillette Stadiums memorial for Vets also looking to hit various VFWs, Legions, 9/11 Memorials and link up with supporters(aka our spouses) to hydrate, change socks, and have Mike’s Service Dog José (courtesy of Operation Delta Dog) finish the last leg(1-2 miles) of the 26.2 with team Hellfish to finish strong while sharing his story and silence the stigma of mental health and let others know even with PTSD we will not be physically held back due to mental health issues. We overcome and adapt and show it’s ok to seek help for mental Health issues and you can still function and complete challenging activities like tough ruck with peer support and puppy power! Healing through weekly training with José and therapy at Home Base has impacted us so much we created to ensure others have advocacy and peer support to help rebuild the community and comradeship they have lost post military life. So we are now a Trio MIke, Mike, and Mark but welcome others to join us for 1-2 miles like José or up to 26.2 for the entire Ruck! Thanks for your time and support if you see we three along the route in North Attleboro, Plainville, Foxborough and Norfolk.
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Michael John

Michael John

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