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Tough Ruck 2022 Race Brief

On Saturday, April 16th, we will join together for the 10th Annual Tough Ruck - fueled by the Boston Marathon. Over 26.2 miles on many of the original battle roads of the Revolutionary War, you will be honoring America's Heroes and giving much needed support to our military families & families of the Fallen. Tough Ruck is held in partnership with the Boston Athletic Association and only Tough Ruckers receive the official Boston Marathon Medal.



Friday, April 15th | 5:00pm-7:00pm: The Fenn School, 516 Monument Street, Concord

Saturday, April 16th | 5:00am - 7:00am: The Fenn School, 516 Monument Street, Concord

All Ruckers must have a government issued ID (license, military ID, etc.) to pick up their bib. As a registered Rucker you may pick up another registered Rucker’s bib if you have a copy of their ID (cell phone picture is OK). Just a friendly reminder that you can only ruck under a bib in your own name.

You will also pick-up your earned swag based on your fundraising level (as of the March 27 deadline) at bib pick up.

$450 Fundraisers receive a Tough Ruck shirt

$950 Fundraisers receive a Tough Ruck shirt and hoodie

$1,500 Fundraisers receive a Tough Ruck shirt, hoodie and and the official Boston Marathon jacket.

Those who registered the first week of registration will be mailed a Tough Ruck Patch post race.


Fuel up for race day during pre-race bib and swag pickup at The Fenn School. Tough Ruck will be serving a complimentary spaghetti dinner from 5:00pm - 7:00pm for all registered Ruckers and their family members.

Weigh Stations will also be set up to test the weight of your ruck and additional swag will be for sale at bib pick-up and pre and post day including hats, hoodies, mugs and other apparel.


On site registration will be available at bib and swag pickup on Friday and Saturday. The registration fee for on site registration is $595.00 which includes the cost of the registration and the fundraising commitment required to participate in the event. Race shirts will only be available on a first-come first-serve basis for same day registrants.


All participants must park at The Concord-Carlise High School located at 500 Walden Street, Concord and take the provided shuttle buses to the start. Buses will leave from the lot in the front of the school in the student parking lot. There is no Rucker parking at the start line at the Fenn. Shuttle buses will run every 15 minutes from 5am until 8am. Buses will run all day from 5AM until 7PM.

Your family and friends are welcome to cheer you on! There will be no spectator parking at the Fenn School. All spectators who want to travel to the start/finish line will need to park at Concord-Carlisle High School and take the shuttle bus to The Fenn School. Limited parking may be available at Sargent's Fields on Monument Street. Learn more below about how your friends can track you along the course with our RaceJoy App.


The Opening Ceremony and Safety Briefing will start at 7:00am. Tough Ruckers will step-off on the course at 7:20am SHARP. We HIGHLY recommend that you arrive at the parking lot NO LATER than 5:30AM to give ample time to board the bus and get to the start and weigh station. All Ruckers are expected to attend the Opening Ceremony.

To manage the flow of Ruckers in Concord, the event will have a pulse start. Please line up in the following order: 1) Uniformed Military & First Responder Heavy and Light Divisions 2) Civilian Heavy Division and 3) Civilian Light Division.


We are guests of the towns of Concord, Bedford and Lexington as well as the Reformatory Branch Trail and the Minute Man Commuter Bikeway. As in years past, it is expected that all trash (to include any weight) will be placed in trash receptacles. We cannot stress enough how seriously this will be taken. There will be additional trash receptacles at the hydration and aid stations. If you are seen dumping trash on the ground or in the woods, you may be removed from the course by race officials and disqualified from the event. If you are removed from the course you will not receive your finishers medal. And really, what’s a few Gatorade bottles and orange peels in your Ruck on top of the weight you will already be crushing.


Your ruck may be inspected at any time for security purposes. All Ruckers must carry their government issued ID throughout the entire Ruck. (You’ll have it anyway for the finish line beer garden so this should be an easy one.)

If you must drop any weight during the ruck, you can only do so at the hydration/fueling stations. It can be a significant security concern and cost if you dump weight, such as bricks wrapped in duct tape so please avoid doing so! If you are seen dumping weight outside of the two hydration stations, you may be removed from the event.


There will be signs placed throughout the trail to help Ruckers identify where they are in case of an emergency. EMS/medical personnel will be located at all hydration stations/aid stations. Mobile EMS will also be on the course. In case of an emergency where you can’t get to either hydration stations or aid stations, and you need to dial 911 let them know you are with the "Tough Ruck" and find a marker/sign to let them know where you are located.


Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston 2022 strongly encourages everyone to practice COVID-19 precautions and adhere to local health and safety measures while participating in the event. At this time, there are no restrictions for outdoor events, and participants currently do not need to provide proof of negative test or vaccination. Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston 2022 will have a Health-Safety Supervisor on-site. Masks are recommended while riding the shuttle buses.

Ruckers, spectators, volunteers and vendors should not attend if they are experiencing COVID symptoms for your safety and the safety of others.

Please note health and safety guidelines may change at any time without notice.


Click here for the TOUGH RUCK 2022 course map

This year the Tough Ruck course will incorporate the historic North Bridge, Reformatory Branch Trail, Lexington Green Visitors Center and the Minute Man Bikeway. The route is an out and back from Concord, through Bedford, to the Lexington/Arlington line and back. It is well marked with signs and branded Tough Ruck white flags. All participants MUST stay on the sidewalk where they are available. In the few spots where there is no sidewalk, please stay as close to the side of the road as possible. This course is open to traffic and every participant MUST follow the pedestrian rules of the roads. We will have volunteers and police details on the course to assist you.

While traveling on the Minute Man Commuter Bikeway in Bedford and Lexington, please stay to the right hand side of the trail, For safety, if you need to stop at any time you must step off the pavement, onto a grassed area and look both ways before re-entering the bikeway. The bikeway is shared with runners, walkers and of course, bikes. Throughout the course and on the North Bridge participants may see reenactors, musket and cannon firing.


Tough Ruckers should be self-contained and bring the fuel and the hydration needed for the course. Remember to factor your water and fuel consumption in throughout the course and how it might impact your overall minimum weight requirements.


· Hydration Station #1 & 7: Concord Water Treatment Plant | Miles 2.3 and 23.8

· Hydration Station #2 & 6: Bedford Depot | Miles 5.5 and 20.4

· Hydration Station #3 & 5 Lexington Public Services Building | Miles 9.2 and 16.8

· Hydration Station #4 Berman's Parking Lot Turn Lexington Around | Mile 13.1

· *NEW GU Electrolyte Fueling Station at Bedford Depot mile 20.4

Ruckers must carry a canteen, hydration packs or water bottle with them for the duration of the ruck. Three of the four hydration locations will be visited twice on the course and will have water and Gatorade (limited availability). This year doctors from Crimson Medical specializing in foot and ankle injuries will also be at each hydration/aid station. There is NO hydration at the start of the race so please plan accordingly (remember Concord does not sell bottled water). Due to the excess trash last year, hydration stations will primarily have gallons of water to refill your canteen and not bottled water.


All participants rucksacks must weigh a minimum of 15lbs for light division or a minimum of 35lbs for heavy division. There will be a weigh station near registration for everyone to weigh their bags and confirm proper weight. Weighing your bag is mandatory and your ruck will be tagged and division recorded at the weigh station before step-off. Again, your division will be determined at the weigh station - this means that you can decide the morning of how much weigh you want to carry. Make sure that you allow enough time to weigh in. The only weight that is recorded is the weight in the ruck. Weighted vests will not count towards the weight.

You must maintain the minimum ruck weight for your division throughout the entire course. There is a mandatory ruck weigh in upon return at the finish line. Any Rucker carrying lighter than their division standards or not following dress requirements will be disqualified (DQ) and eliminated from top finisher award contention.


There are 2 dress divisions - civilian dress and uniformed military/first responder. Civilian dress are required to carry a ruck - all other footwear and clothing choices can be of the Rucker's choosing.

In order to be designated as a military division participant you must be current, former or retired military and dress in accordance to the guidelines below. Esprit de corps shirts are welcome. Uniformed First Responders should wear their duty uniform. Fire Fighters may carry an oxygen tank in place of a ruck provide it meets the weight minimum.


Families of the Fallen will be at the Memorial Ribbon tent to assist you with making ribbons. As part of Tough Ruck tradition, each Rucker will complete the entire course carrying a rucksack with the names of Fallen Servicemembers, Police, Firefighters, EMS and DOC. You are welcome to: 1) make your own ribbons prior to the ruck 2) make ribbons at bib pick-up the morning of Tough Ruck (as supplies last) or 3) select pre-made ribbons to carry. We ask that you post a photo of your ruck with and your bib number to our Facebook page or use our event hashtag #toughruck2022 to ensure that families of the Fallen can follow your journey with their loved ones ribbon.


To get an accurate race time and to receive you finisher medal, you must have your bib affixed to the FRONT of your shirt or leg. Race timing is provided by Granite State Race Services. Be sure to step on the mat as you leave, when you cross the finish line, and on all the mats along the course. Once you cross the finish line your ruck will be weighed in again. All finishers will receive their Boston Marathon Medal from Families of Fallen Military and First Responders. Official race timing will end at 9 hours. If you continue, you are proceeding at your own choosing and risk.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

· Top Three Individual Fundraisers (Award for top fundraiser as reflected through online donations as of 1200HRS on April 16th)

· Top 3 Fundraising Teams

· 1st place Uniformed Heavy Male & Female: 1st place awards by gender/age divisions

· 1st place Uniformed Light Male & Female: 1st place awards by gender/age divisions

· 1st place Civilian Heavy Male & Female: 1st place awards by gender/age divisions

· 1st place Civilian Light Male & Female: 1st place awards by gender/age divisions

· Overall Top Finisher Male & Female: 1st place awards by gender/age divisions

Age groups: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

No double dipping (ie. Overall winners cannot also win in their age group)


Tough Ruck swag will be available for sale at bib pick-up, pre and post-race. Checks, cash and credit cards accepted.


Friends and family coming to cheer you on? Let them know some great places to watch:

Public parking and porta-toilets are available at these locations below:

Hydration Station #1/#7 Water Treatment Plant, 509 Bedford Street, Concord

Hydration Station #2/#6 Across from Bedford Depot, 111 South Road, Bedford

Hydration Station #3/#5 Lexington Public Services (back parking lot), 201 Bedford Street, Lexington

Hydration Station #4 Berman's Wine & Spirits (back parking lot), 55 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington

Your family and friends can also track you through the RaceJoy app. Download the app, search for Tough Ruck and follow the prompts. Then you can allow your family and friends to see your progress on the course.


Family-friendly finish line festivities will take place from 12:30-6PM including complimentary ice cream, inflatable obstacle course, touch-a-truck and more. The last shuttle bus will leave The Fenn School at 7PM.

Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant, our signature food sponsor, will be onsite to feed our hungry participants at the finish line! Remember to bring you ID for Harpoon – Love Life. Love Beer and White Claw - the Purest Hard Seltzer in the World!

Families and friends are encouraged to come out to the finish line to cheer you on! We recommend they bring a chair and a picnic!

Make sure to stop by the Tough Ruck Swag Tent, Wellness In Motion Boston for post-race massage, Thin Blue Line Vette, The Vet Center, Wegmans, Massachusetts National Guard Recruiting and much more!


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