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Tough Ruck 2021 Race Day Info

When: October 1st thru October 10th 2021​

Where: Virtual


All Tough Ruckers must follow the guidelines below to earn your medal. We've added some helpful tips because we want all of you to earn the medal. Medals cannot be awarded without photo proof of completed time and distance. Your route is not required. Please read the information below carefully. We strongly encourage you to bring extra cell phone chargers/battery packs to ensure you can track your total distance and time.

  • Tough Ruck 2021 must be completed from October 1-10, 2021.

  • All Ruckers must complete a 26.2 mile course in one continuous ruck. We do anticipate that Ruckers will stop to hydrate, fuel, rest, change socks, bathroom breaks etc. We encourage Ruckers to set a goal to complete the course within 10 hours. If your time is above 10 hours it may not appear in the Tough Ruck official results however you can still earn your medal. Keep on rucking!

  • All Ruckers must wear a rucksack on their backs weighing a minimum of 15 pounds throughout the entire distance. Weighted vests cannot be used as a substitute for a rucksack. This is an #integritycheck and you will self report your ruck weight at the post race survey. Light weight division is 15lbs+ and heavy weight division is 35lbs+.

  • You may use any app of your choosing to record time and distance. We do recommend you use an app that shows your course in case you lose satellite coverage. Multiple screenshots of distance and course adding up to 26.2 miles can be reviewed by the race certifier and be accepted if you have technology challenges (i.e. loss GPS signal). Our team will be on social to assist with urgent timing issues. You can message our Facebook page with your contact info and questions.

  • All Ruckers must complete the finishers survey by October 12, 2021 at 12PM EST to be eligible to earn their official Tough Ruck 2021 Boston Marathon Medal.

  • On your finishers survey must include one screenshot showing your completed distance/time as well as a start and finish line selfie showing your bib number.

  • All Ruckers must be officially registered for the Virtual Tough Ruck and complete their fundraising minimum. Your must be at least 18 years old on race day to participate.


All Ruckers must also complete the Tough Ruck Finishers Survey below by 12PM EST on 10/12/2021. Everyone's result - regardless of timing method - will be go through our certification team at Blue Ridge Timing before the results are finalized.

Visit to submit your results. Here is a checklist of what you will need to submit to earn your medal.

  • Starting Line Photo (with bib if possible)

  • Finish Line Photo (with bib if possible)

  • Photo proof of distance and time.

After your finisher results are verified, your Boston Marathon Medal will be mailed vis USPS by October 30, 2021. Your medal will be mailed to the same address your Tough Ruck race pack was mailed to. Lost medals will not be able to be replaced. Please contact us via email at by October 11th if you need to update your address. If there is an option to pick-up your medal in person at our headquarters we will let you know.


You can use any app of your choosing to record your time and distance. We have partnered with RunSignUp and their app "RaceJoy" to provide you an awesome virtual experience. Listen for cheers from your fellow Ruckers. Sign up with the RaceJoy App and ruck with us "on demand" from October 1-10. Your family and friends will also be able to track you and cheer you on through the app. The app is downloadable on both iPhones and Androids. For a step-by-step guide on how to use the RaceJoy app, track yourself and track a rucker click here.


While we can't be together in person, we still want to cheer each other on. Check out your race kit for race selfie swag and make sure to post to our Facebook and Instagram and use our official hashtags:

#ToughRuck #ToughRuck2021 Be entered into win great Tough Ruck Swag from our sponsors at Fuel For Fire, White Claw, Cabot Cheese, and more! We will be drawing some great raffles at random for Tough Rucks that share photos from the race. We want to see your rucks, your ribbons, your blisters and more. P.S. We love videos!


All participants rucksacks must weigh a minimum of 15lbs for light division or a minimum of 35lbs for heavy division. Weigh your own ruck and report the weigh on your Tough Ruck Finishers survey. #IntegrityCheck. The only weight that is recorded is the weight in the ruck. Weighted vests will not count towards the weight. You must maintain the minimum ruck weight for your division throughout the entire course.


For this year's virtual experience, Ruckers can wear any clothes you choose. Check the weather and dress appropriately to maximize your endurance. We anticipate the weather to be warmer than when we ruck in April.

If you are taking part in the uniformed military or first responder division, you will be able to select uniform division in the finishers survey. Click here for more information.


As part of Tough Ruck tradition, each Rucker will complete the entire course carrying a rucksack with the names of Fallen Military and First Responders. You are welcome to make your own ribbons prior to the ruck. We ask that you post a photo of your ruck with your bib number to our Facebook page or use our event hashtag #toughruck to ensure that families of the Fallen can follow your journey with their loved ones ribbon.

Yellow Ribbons - Fallen Military

Blue Ribbons - Fallen Police Officers

Red Ribbons - Fallen Firefighters

White Ribbons - Fallen EMS

Grey Ribbons - Fallen Corrections Officers


We are grateful you have all chosen to continue on with the mission. We strongly encourage Tough Ruckers to ruck in their own communities. Help us be good neighbors! Ensure you have respect all private and public land boundaries along your course. Please make sure you are following health, safety, face covering, social distancing and other guidelines of the community you are rucking in. If you do ruck with groups, please practice safe social distancing guidelines. Each year Ruckers will be taking part at their own risk. Please stay safe out there! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Our friends at Minuteman National Park have asked us to remind Ruckers that most of the trails do not allow for groups to properly social distance. Participants are strongly encouraged to not to ruck the traditional Tough Ruck course or the Boston Marathon Course as these courses contain many sections that are on private land and sections that do not contain sidewalks or sufficient space off of the roadway for Ruckers to safely travel.


Tough Ruckers should be self-contained and bring the fuel and the hydration needed for the course. Remember to factor your water and fuel consumption in throughout the course and how it might impact your overall minimum weight requirements. We highly recommend scouting out your bathroom options for your course in advance.



*Bring extra battery packs for your timing device

*Use at least two timing/distance tracking devices

*Take photos with your mile markers and sponsor swag to be entered to win sponsor swag!

*Use the official hashtags #TOUGHRUCK2021 and #TOUGHRUCK

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