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Get to know your Tough Ruckers! Jennah Janney

Highlight from training has been rucking with my dog, Netter. I rescued him in 2020 during COVID lockdown and my first ‘rucks’ were with him in a backpack while he was recovering from heartworms. I started properly rucking while I was deployed and I had been looking forward to have him run along side me. It’s come full circle and a fast couple of miles outside is now one of his favorite things to do! He’s been with me for 100 miles of training so far this year!

I will be rucking in honor of the Soldiers of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) who lost their lives this week.

WO1 Jeffrey Barnes

CPL Emilie Marie Eve Bolanos

CW2 Zachary Esparza

SGT Isaac John Gayo

SSG Joshua Gore

WO1 Aaron Healy

SSG Taylor Mitchell

CW2 Rusten Smith

SGT David Solinas Jr

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