About The 2019 Course (Updates for 2020 coming soon)

The 26.2 mile Tough Ruck in Concord Massachusetts takes place on the most historic land in this country and is a certified marathon course.  During this event, Ruckers will encounter historical reenactor that feel like you have been transported back in time.  The Ruck course is relatively flat with a few small rolling hills.

The event starts at the historical Old Manse in Concord and heads over the Old North Bridge. From there you continue past the North Bridge Visitors Center onto the roads of Concord.  You will travel along the road/sidewalk past the front of the Old Manse and into the center of Concord. The course continues to the fork at Old Bedford Road, where Ruckers pass Meriam’s House, stay left on the sidewalk and continue to follow Old Bedford to the end. The course then turns back on Old Bedford back to Meriam’s House which is just over 4.5 miles where they enter the Minuteman Trail behind Meriam’s House.

This is the location of the Fueling Station #1. The Ruckers then travel along the Minuteman Trail until they arrive at Fiske Hill the site of Ebenezer Fiske’s home. This is where the Fueling Station #2 is located just under 10 miles to this location. From Fiske Hill you travel back the same way you came along the trail until you reach Meriam’s Corner and Fueling Station #1. Unfortunately you then have to turn back and repeat that loop one more time! What can we say, at least it’s beautiful with lots of historic scenes along the way. Once you have completed your second lap on the Minuteman Trail and return to Meriam’s House – you have completed over 20 miles of the course.

Travel behind the house and cross the street via the crosswalk. Stay on the sidewalk and head back the way you came from Concord Center. Once you arrive at Concord Center, you must take a left in front of Concord Colonial Inn and then immediate right onto Lowell Road.  Cross over the Concord River and take your next left onto Liberty Road. Follow Liberty up a short hill and follow signs to take a left onto Old North Bridge trail. This will take you back over the Old North Bridge and towards the finish. Follow signs to the finish area.

Course Maps

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2017 MapMyRun Map by Tough Rucker

Elevation Map