When does 2017 registration open?

Tough Ruck 2017 Registration will open on Veterans Day, 11 NOV 2016.  Those who register on Veterans Day will receive a Tough Ruck patch.  Don’t miss your chance to register on Veterans Day for only $55!  Register at www.toughruck.org

Is there a minimum to the weight of the Ruck Sack?

Yes.  When you register you will be asked to select one of three a divisions.  Ruck sacks will be weighed in prior to the start time and immediately after crossing the finish line.  You will NOT be permitted to ruck if your ruck sack does not weigh in at a minimum of 15 pounds.

*Military Division – Open to all active military and veterans and retirees.  Each Rucker will wear a: blouse, trousers, safety belt, regulation issued boots, and a ruck/assault pack/regulation pack issued by branch of service.  The minimum weight in the military division is 35 pounds.

*Heavy Weight Division – Ruckers in the heavy weight division will carry a minimum of 35 pounds at weigh in and at the finish line.

*Light Weight Division – Ruckers in the light weight division will carry a minimum of 15 pounds at weigh in and at the finish line.

Do I have to fundraise to participate?

No, but we encourage you to take part in the mission and raise $250 to support military families.  A large part of the Tough Ruck mission is to aid families in crisis and those who’ve lost a loved one to suicide.  We need your help to help them.

How to support military families and create my Fundraising Page and earn my Tough Ruck Sweatshirt?

Don’t miss the chance join the cause and support veterans and families of fallen service members! Raise $250 by March 15th and receive a the official Tough Ruck sweatshirt.  Go to classy.org/toughruck and starting fundraising.  Questions about setting up your own friendly url to share your fundraising page on FB or Twitter?  Contact us at toughruck@militaryfriends.org or 1-84-HELP-VETS.

How can I donate to support a Rucker?

Click here and you can search your Rucker by their name.  Donations are tax deductible and are made through a secure site.

How can I Volunteer?

Click here to learn about the volunteer opportunities and sign up today.  Volunteers are a critical part of the making this day a success.  Our volunteers receive a Tough Ruck volunteer shirt!

Is there a tax ID for donations?

Our non-profit ID is 37-1462599.  Military Friends Foundation is the d/b/a for Friends of the National Guard and Reserve Families, Inc.

I have a friends who wants to write a check instead of give online.  Can this be added to my online fundraising?

Yes.  Please make sure the donor included your name when they send their check.  Please make chekcs payable to: Military Friends Foundation, 14 Beacon Street Suite 607A, Boston, MA 02108.  Please allow up to two weeks for the donation to appear online.

When is bib pick-up?

Limited free tickets are available for the pre-Tough Ruck Dinner with Medal of Honor Recipient Tom Kelley and Mrs. Joan Kelly on Friday, April 14, 2017.  Ruckers may pick up their bibs, and tshirts at the dinner. RSVP for tickets is available at https://toughruck.eventbrite.com

Ruckers may also pick up bibs and tshirts on Saturday, April 15, 2017, from 5:30-7AM.   Tshirt sizes are not guaranteed – pick up early for best selection!

I am a civilian.  Can I Tough Ruck?

Yes. The Ruck is open to active military, veterans, first responders, and civilians.  We recommend civilians read the Tough Ruck Guide for recommendations on footwear, Ruck sack and more.

How old do I have to be to Ruck?

Due to the duration and intense physical challenge, you must be at least 18 years old to take part in the 26.2 mile Tough Ruck.  We are planning a youth challenge with various age divisions for 2018.

Am I able to get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds as this event typically sells out quickly.

Will you supply the ruck sack?

No. All Ruckers must supply their own rucks.  Please check out the training guide for more information on the ruck.  Civilian Ruckers may use a military ruck or a back pack that holds the weight required for their division. Military rucks may be purchased online or often at a military supply store.  Each ruck must weigh in at a minimum at of 15 pounds to participate.

Am I able to transfer my bib?

No. All Rucker’s must present an ID to pick up there bib and the ID must match the registered Rucker.  We are looking into a formal bib transfer program for future years but there is not one at this time.

Can I bring my pet with me when I Ruck?

Only service dogs are allowed as part of Tough Ruck.  Each owner will need to provide the certification for the service dog for liability purposes.

Can I use the Tough Ruck Logo for fundraising?

Tough Ruck is a trademark of the Military Friends Foundation.  Please contact us in writing at toughruck@militaryfriends.org before using our name or logo on any materials.